Satara 21k Ultra Hill Marathon is one of the toughest races of the country. This event holds its place in Guinness Book of World Records.

No words can describe the joy of participating in SHHM’16 and conquering the ascent of 10.5km in the 21k route. It takes more than luck and guts to get a chance of running with 5000+ runners in misty mountain of Satara, with views to die for. Hills are ultimate nemesis of a runner. Prevailing over them is only possible if you learn to love and respect their magnanimity. This was an experience of a lifetime.

I give it to them – a superbly well organised event. Strategically placed water stations, cheerleading and drum beating crowd, participation of locals with kids under 10yrs and elders above 60yrs on road, eager volunteers to handover water bottles, electrolyte, salt, orange, banana, quick to treat cramps with relispray, those with handy spray pumps and water spouts, keen photographers, tons of policemen, drizzling rain, passing clouds, breezy wind and a stunning view of the valley once you reach the top of the mountain went into making this, one of the BEST runs ever (at least for me, and many of my fellow runners), setting the bar much higher for their urban counterparts!

Once again, the credit goes to SuperCoaches of RunnersAcademy who were preparing us for this challenge very methodically! Kaushik Panchal, Bindu Panchal,Yogesh Kanchgar, Ajit Dedhia, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your planning and hard work! Bet, all 60 of us who represented Satara made you proud!

Best part of RunnersAcademy is that with the lively group of friends fun never ends, whether we are ON track or OFF it! Even better thing, is how the coaches, our mentors, mingle with us off track and be the friends we ever had! Yet another unforgettable experience. Yet another feather in the cap! Here’s to many more epic runs, life has to offer!

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