I guess most of us, maiden 21k runners, had a doubt while registering for Satara. Having a practice RUN in Jawhar definitely lifted up our confidence by a million folds..
Special thanks to Ajit Bhai for introducing all of us to that scenic and challenging locale.
Satara seemed to be much easier, probably because of the training we underwent, the mental preparation to conquer the hills and the climate as well…
Personally I was very careful during the Satara stint. I had suffered from cramps and knee pain during the last 3 km in Jawhar.. and did not want to land up in the same again.. So took Kaushik Panchal Sir’s advice and took walk breaks during the descent, even if it wasn’t required!
The run ended very smoothly without any cramps or pain. Kaushik Panchal Sir’s strategy worked superbly with me.
I’m sure I would be able to put in more efforts in the next RUN. Confidence after completing a Half Hill Marathon is on the peak. I’m looking forward to the next BNP run till Kanheri and back and wish to log and improvise the timings.
Today the rains did de-motivate me!! Somehow wasn’t in a mood to get drenched.. so got up, saw Anita off and dozed of again…
Anita was determined to go inspite of my demotivation … I would like to imbibe that determination into me soon!!
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