The seeds of this noble initiative, of making people not just aware about the importance of their health and fitness but do something life changing about it, were sown 15yrs back when Kaushik Panchal, the founder of Runners Academy, was undergoing multiple health issues. A qualified mechanical engineer from Mumbai university and first gen entrepreneur, he had the experience of 20+ yrs in the field of manufacturing plastic products. The humdrum of life and its luxuries were impacting his health. He decided to take charge of his own health one day. Determined and dedicated, Kaushik fought back against all the ills. The fight was not just against the flabby physique but also lazy psyche!

But like they say, the battle is won in mind before it’s won out there. Armed with strong will and a larger cause that transcended beyond his own goal, Kaushik fought hard and WON. And like any experienced veteran of war, he decided to share his wisdom with the world. That’s how Runners Academy was born.

Runners Academy started in January 2015 with its first center at Borivali National Park, in Mumbai with 20 members. It gradually branched out from Borivali East to Borivali West at Chickowadi in first six months. Thereon in order to move closer to the people who were keen to join, in september 2015 RA opened third branch in Dream Park at Thakur Village, followed within a year, by fourth branch at Lokadwalla Complex, Kandivali East. Now, RA has 5 different centers in a time span of two years with more than 200 members training under expert guidance of Kaushik Panchal and his team of coaches. Kaushik is a Certified Distance Running Coach (American College of Sports Medicine), who loves Running and has committed himself to coaching people into injury free and methodical Running.

Runners Academy is one of the leading fitness clubs of Mumbai representing itself in all the popular running events. 55 members of RA braved Satara Hill Marathon 2016 and 108 Runners finished SCMM in 2017. But that’s only going to get better, with more than 100 members who have already registered for Satara Hill Marathon 2017 and 150 plus members running Mumbai Marathon in January 2018.

Runners Academy believes in promoting health and fitness through the sport of Running. We encourage and welcome all types of Runners to the family. Whether one is a beginner, or have run a few 10ks, or already a regular runner with a few half/full marathons to one’s credit, or even the ultrarunners, RA feels like home. Needless to mention, the intensity of training varies from a beginner to an experienced Runner with the training plan that includes multiple terrains, new tracks, variety of runs, strengthening & conditioning as well as power yoga. Runners Academy prides itself in converting absolute couch potatoes into marathon runners. The numbers speak volume – 70 % of our Runners started from absolute scratch and now enjoying the health benefits that the sport of running can bring to one’s life.

At Runners Academy, we are far from done. We believe it’s a privilege to be able to influence an individual’s life and lend a healthy and happy momentum. The sport of Runnning is our means to that end. Our mission is to reach out to more number of people in our society and ignite the torch of healthy and happy living!

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