I have been reading experiences of members from the past. Common experience is that all persons had anxiety before registering for the event, before boarding the bus, before start of run. May be people did not know there own inherent strength or they were carrying baggage of timing and fear of not achieving that. Then suddenly all of them found that they have completed the run with better timing . This experience has brought in confidence that we can do even better. This energy was there all along for the past three months but confidence was missing and anxiety was building up .

Let me share with you all that my family had doubt and concern whether I will complete 21 kms or not. They were equally worried that I should not spoil my spine again. But I was confident that I will complete it no matter how much time it takes. This confidence came from my completing 21 kms in BNP in four hrs. I was not worried about time since I was running / walking for my fitness and self satisfaction.

Yes being in association with RA brought in me discipline, time management and purpose of life. This brought in change in life style, food habits and more enthusiasm. It enabled me to set new goals in life. It brought in feeling that there is life beyond professional life. It brought me closer to people whose experiences inspired me and enabled me to think that if they could do it why not me. All this would not have happened if I was not in company of RA. I do not know whether it was destiny or some thing else for this change. What is important is, change has come and it is for better.

Those who are responsible for this change are my well wishers. I thank my daughter for my initiation in this group, Kaushikbhai, Bindu and Yogi for all they did which enabled me to complete Satara run and think big, RA members to give good environment to grow.

During bus travel to Satara, Mr. Bhatia narrated his experience of walking 100 Kms in 48 hrs. I was inspired by his achievement. I met Mr. Bhatia subsequently to get more information about 100 kms walk. It filled in energy in me after listening to him. Now I have started planning for 50 kms walk in 24 hrs before raising level to 100 Kms. It is better to go step by step. Thank you all.

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