Hi I am Nitin P. Sharma (49), by profession I am a Graphics Designer. In the year 2005 I had an bike accident and my left leg’s shin was broken. I had to undergo an Operation to fit a rod from Knee to ankle. It took a year to get back to my routine. My weight increased day by day, as I kept neglecting it.
My job requires me to spent 8 -10 hrs sitting in front of the computer. My weight kept climbing up to (85/86 Kgs.). For 10 years I was physically inactive. Yes, I use to pay yearly subscription for GYM and went for a month or so & ended up in bed for the remainder of the subscription. This type of lifestyle made me lazy and careless which directly effected my health and body. From the year 2014 my stress level started growing and so did my weight, this resulted in Blood Presser and High Cholesterol. Friends from my Society then started forcing me to start walking in the mid of 2015. But mental stress and laziness overpowered me and pushed me to ICU for around a Month(November 2015). I then underwent angiography and found two blockages.
This led me to do a full body test including stress test. It was during these tests that I found that I could run pretty well, even my doctors motivated and supported me for the same. Doctor stated that, My degradation and dullness in health was only because of my mental stress and asked me to worry less and keep Smiling. On that day itself I decided to take part in at least a marathon next year. As soon as I got discharged I took a day rest and resumed my work with addition of positive thinking and active walking with subtraction of Laziness and Negativity.

During this days I was searching on Internet how should I train myself for Marathon and I found a Website of Runners Academy. I called Kaushik Panchal and ask about his Academy. He told me to come at Borivali National Park. It was Sunday 7th February, 2016. I joined Runners Academy. First day I did easy jog and walk for 6km.
Slowly and gradually with the help of systematic training I got confidence and In the same month I ran My 1st 10km Kandivali Mahavir Nagar Marathon in just 84 mins (Today my personal best is 68min). My 1st goal was achieved (my promise to my self on Hospital bed). I was so happy. But Road to success is never completed, it is always under construction.

Little Flashback: Running Marathon was never my dream. I remember in the year 1996 (Approx) My friend and Guru Rohit Gosalia started Running and he suggested me to start. But I was laughing at him and said it is just impossible. But I never knew that word, it itself says I M Possible. Every year I decided to watch the Mumbai Marathon. But it seemed farfetched (Because for that you have to getup early in the morning and have to reach at the venue). So on race day when I got up, I switched on my TV and watched the Race and thought why were this people running, how are they able to run so much kilometre and switched off TV and my thoughts for Marathon.
In the year 2013 I brought my 1st SLR CANON 60D and I started Photography, that time I decided to take photographs of Mumbai Marathon which was held on Sunday 18th January 2014. 1st time in my life I had witnessed and covered a Marathon. But still at that time I never thought or dreamt of running a Marathon.
But when God alarms you and you still won’t wake then your life has no meaning. But thank God I did woke up and started physical activities. Under proper training and Guidance of Runners Academy in the year 2016 I Run two Half Marathons (21km) and more then Ten 10km Marathon. My 1st Half Marathon was World renowned “Satara Hill Marathon” on 18th September 2016 which I completed in 3.25.08 hrs. (For this Marathon I received a Certificate from Genius Books of World Record). My 2nd Half Marathon was India’s one of the best Marathon “Vasai-Virar Mayor’s Marathon” on 11th December 2016 which I completed in 2.56.12 hrs. All this achievements came true because of Runners Academy and his Founder Kaushik Sir, Coach Ajit Sir, Bindu Ma’am, Yoges Sir, Ketan Sir, Ruby Ma’am and yes of course all RA members who alway motivete me to run and train hard.

During this 20 months in Runners Academy I found myself in me. My stress level came to Ground Zero. Blood pressure & cholesterol under control. I become more energetic and enthusiastic then ever. My confidence level went up. I looked fit. Made many new friends. Always think positive. I developed one more quality and that I came to know, I could sing very well and hence I started singing and did some shows also. Running helps me a lot in my second innings.
Thank you is a very small word to say to god, Kaushik sir, all my motivators, friends and yes this was never possible without full hearted support from my Wife Kasturi & all other family members. I am happy that my Son Tarang is my Critic, he always points out what to do and what not to do. Now my goal is to give back to the society what I got from Running & Runners Academy. Now I will run for myself and for awareness of Healthy India, Green India and United India.

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