Done and dusted my first outstation Satara 21k Ultra Hill Half Marathon, yes one of the toughest hill run.

Last year it had set a bench mark of holding a place in guinness book of world record. For me running in satara Ultra Hill half marathon run was a dream come true. Taking part and completing it was a biggest challenge for me. Ideal weather conditions for the run leading with very very beautiful scenic view from satara hills. Fabulous pics clicked and shared by SHHM organisers besides so many friends.
Thanks to weather god, awesome and amazing support of the satara local crowd, great arrangements done by satara team, i could not thought of anything more. Running with more than 5000 runners was just a superb and life time experience.

Being my first attempt that too in satara was a big question mark??? But the best part was that i was training myself with Runners Academy Team under best coaches and mentors Kaushik Panchal, Bindu Panchal, Yogesh Kanchgar, Ajit Dedhia. They have trained me hard for this challenge thank u is small word… I bow to them hats off coaches leading with super cool RA Dream Park Team and fantastic Dream Girls friends.

My first outstation @Satara done and dusted SHHM with easy pace completed in 3hrs 12mins 37secs with no injury. Superb enjoyment cheering the Ellite runners, dancing all the way enjoying the beautiful scenic view from satara hill.
The man behind my achievement is none other than my hubby Mahesh Parihar. Without his support it was not possible. All thanks to him and my son Vansh Parihar for being my strength and supporting me.


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