“Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”
“Marthon runners have good heart ……….yes RA members have it.”

On 18 September 2016 early to rise, and we were ready to go. A short brisk walk to the starting point, and stretches was away from the starting out and was ready to conquer the hill.
The run started off slowly but surely, the slopes gentle and with little declines too to assist the run. The journey begins ……..
Then came the 3 KM mark and the hill started to show character.
Started motivating co runners talking and enjoying the run all were set to reach the landmark in 2:30 which was best reachable for us.

The incline angle increased, gradually at first to a greater one till the 6 KM mark all went fine.

Then had an golden oppurunity to run with Brij Sharama and his coach , chatting with both of them and running was an fun was not aware when I crossed 10.5 k with them and the mystery they halted for an selfie and i selfless left them and ran away with an dream to conquer the hill with an group of people around me. I notice a little bit of a pain in my knee and my calf continue to move on in an slower pace.
An unexpected struck me at 15.5 k were I was unable to move on, all the fellow runners who were running with me silently moved ahead of me unnoticed. Was just helping myself walking around stretching with unbearable pain.

At around 17.5 k when I was just limping with pain was thinking let me quite the race, and was in an bad shape, suddenly an sound echoed from behind MJ what happened, seeing me in pain and unable to walk, As an brave solider i informed ‘I cannot finish.’ My running buddy Mr. Vinod stopped his run and started helping me by providing sweets and all nearby medication which was best possible there.
Guided me, took care of me and holding my hand and once I over came my cramps we both started to sprint the last 500 m (whatever be the pain lets run).

We missed Hill conquer by 7 min ,
I knew if he would have continued his run he would have been an hill conqueror but just to make me complete the race he scarified his best run and made assure that I touch the finish line .
This can only be seen in our RA Family.

“The thirst you feel in your throat and lungs will be gone minutes after the race is over. The pain in your legs will last for few days, but the glory of your finished race will last forever.”

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