Before I joined RA I was aware of SHHM.. it was my desire to do this marathon.. After i joined RA…I got the clarity of fulfilling my desire of running the SHHM race.
To accomplish my dream of SHHM our Respected coaches Kaushik Sir, Bindu Ma’am, Yogesh Sir and Ajit Sir.. has played Vital role.. Words are not suffient to express my gratitude for them.

Just a day before the event I was very very nervous. On the race day I got up with body ache as the day prior was bit hectic… Mentally and physically was low… but with Bindu Mams stupendous warm session energy got boosted..

At about 7km I met Mr. Sanghvi…. he was so happy to see me… he expressed his happiness saying he was glad that he could reach upto me…. I was also very happy that I could motivate him… but a true confession I realised my performance. Honestly speaking I was genuinely happy for my friends who overtook me… but personal performance matters at the end of the race…I was tired of inclined to the core…as slopes are my weakness…

Then i told just 1 thing to myself… Dips forget the miles but the glory shall be remembered…. Dips come on you can and you will…..Time up to run with your heart..I started slow jog and more of walking on the inclined… i thought way back will cover it…. I finished my 10.5k with course time of 1.47.. I covered max on down hills.

Sight scene during the run was mind blowing…. throughly enjoyed as I walked more than run…Satara people were very encouraging … small kids holding the banner….”You will come first” All arrangements were very well organised…..RA volunteers ..Shiva,Vinod,Ajit Sir..Shivraj…your efforts are highly appreciated…

I would like to thank all my RA buddies. SHHM has given me memorable time to cherish for life long… For this credit goes to my honorable coaches.. Kaushik Panchal Sir,Bindu Ma’am,Ajit Sir and Yogesh Sir.

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