With every run completed I discover a new me. A person within me who is more confident, more enduring, more disciplined and much much more fun loving. I had registered for Satara half heartedly… I thought I won’t be ever able to do a hill marathon especially with my back problem. I had not even booked my seat in the bus.
My son’s exams were also starting on the day of run so I had a solid excuse for myself.
Jawahar run became the turning point for me. The overall experience was exhilarating for me. The run in beautiful misty mountains of Jawahar.. And the victory over my tired body during last three kms.. Gave me confidence… And during one of the laughing session that we do at end of cool down.. I saw myself running at Satara..

After that point there was no confusion in my mind.. And luckily I got a seat in bus too.. Thanks to Bindu Ma’am and Kaushik Sir. Had a pleasant journey to Satara with all RA friends.. Hearing their experiences.. Very comfortable stay and delicious food..

After 3.5km I slowed down but still enjoying my run.. Captured the beautiful sunrise.. The mountains were beautiful and friendly as if welcoming us with open arms… The climb was less tough then I had imagined.. Had Sujata .. My running buddy with me.. And Anita too.. The local crowd and the volunteers were super.. Live band and drums were electrifying… Our spirits were high too.. The descent was very enjoyable.. We could run easily.. Again the last stretch of 2km was challenging with a fight between body and brain..

But read a slogan.. Run with your heart and not your legs.. So ran with my heart.. Putting all my remaining strength and completed the run…what a moment it was… Thanks to all my Gurus, my friends and RA for helping me discover myself..

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