Took me so long to write.. but better late than never !! Every time a thought crossed my mind and I wanted to put it down … someone’s post already mentioned it .. so I gave up .. forget it .. the moments gone.. Satara run is over and now we have to move on..
But the thoughts just kept orbiting around and finally my Runners’s instinct didn’t let me give up(am so glad for it)

Stressed out from the day I enrolled for the Satara’s run .. I don’t know what came over me that I had registered for such a challenging run .. may be overconfidence.. I decided to play along .. to be a part of the training and quit if I am not confident at the last minute.. (this was my strategy after I had already enrolled)

Runners Acadamy’s rigorous training kind of endorsed my decision..(rains to add to my agony … why they have to keep challenging runs in the rainy season ?)
But then came in the Jawhar run .. which was a mystical experience.. still I was planning to bunk the satara run …

But then .. I saw how meticulously the coaches of RA team had planned everything.. every detailed matter looked into .. I felt guilty of having to cheat like that..
With such negative thoughts I boarded the Satara bus .. (again with rains to accompany)

No stress about the actual run as it had not sunk in at all that I am going to do such a challenging run .. the fun we had en route and the expo … all was like a picnic with friends.. Thank god I had my running buddies by my side constantly.. and at the end too .. huffing puffing I managed to complete my run.

This place satara was magical .. the people who were there to support the runners were selflessly standing and encouraging when I needed it the most.
There couldn’t have been a better timing for the jhingat song and the drums .. ( yes it was at the time I was almost giving up)

No words to thank everyone who have been there with me in my journey to the Satara run which now puts me in league of actual runners as it was my first official 21 k.. Next year when I go to Satara, I know what to expect.. but like the first love .. this first 21 k in the hills would always b dear to me .. a special place in my heart !!

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