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Ms. Bindu Panchal

Myself Bindu Panchal (ACSM Certified Marathon Trainer), 48 years old athlete and food technologist by profession, I started running with only 1 intension to increase my strength and to keep myself fit; it has been more than 15 years now that I started my journey at National Park with no vision of becoming what I am today.

Initially I used to walk with my friends for how much ever distance that I could with no sense of competition or improving myself. Later on to test my limits I decided to register myself for 21 km Mumbai marathon in 2006. As I started practicing for my run my knees tend to get swollen, however I did not give up and completed my marathon in 3:8hr by walking. I still remember the immense happiness that I felt on completing my first marathon. In 2008 I came to know that I am a thalassemia minor due to which my haemoglobin level always used to stay low, I overcame this with proper medication and diet. After that I have never looked back and my hunger to challenge myself has never stopped. Later, by under taking structural training with Kaushik Panchal I have successfully completed Full marathon as well as Ultra marathon.

Below mentioned are some of the races that I have completed so far.

  • Participated in 15 half marathons with 5 Satara hill marathon.
  • 5 times full marathon.
  • 3 times Ultra runs (more than 50 Km).
  • Podium finishes:- 4 times 10km, 25km Kolkata marathon, 21km Bhopal marathon and in Bangalore Ultra marathon.
These are just few milestones in my journey. Today I am a certified trainer at Runner’s Academy and my goal is to help others to overcome their fear of running and motivate them for a healthier tomorrow.

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