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Hi I am Nitin P. Sharma (49), by profession I am a Graphics Designer. In the year 2005 I had an bike accident and my left leg’s shin was broken. I had to undergo an Operation to fit a rod from Knee to ankle. It took a year to get back to my routine. My weight...

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For those who didn't participate in Satara Marathon, I successfully completed 21k for the first time successfully. I am feeling at the top of the world. The full credit goes to Yogesh who was my surprise partner for the entire run. He was there with me for through out...

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I guess most of us, maiden 21k runners, had a doubt while registering for Satara. Having a practice RUN in Jawhar definitely lifted up our confidence by a million folds.. Special thanks to Ajit Bhai for introducing all of us to that scenic and challenging locale....

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Before I joined RA I was aware of SHHM.. it was my desire to do this marathon.. After i joined RA...I got the clarity of fulfilling my desire of running the SHHM race. To accomplish my dream of SHHM our Respected coaches Kaushik Sir, Bindu Ma'am, Yogesh Sir and Ajit...

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With every run completed I discover a new me. A person within me who is more confident, more enduring, more disciplined and much much more fun loving. I had registered for Satara half heartedly... I thought I won't be ever able to do a hill marathon especially with my...

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"Pain is temporary, pride is forever." "Marthon runners have good heart ..........yes RA members have it." On 18 September 2016 early to rise, and we were ready to go. A short brisk walk to the starting point, and stretches was away from the starting out and was ready...

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Satara 21k Ultra Hill Marathon is one of the toughest races of the country. This event holds its place in Guinness Book of World Records. No words can describe the joy of participating in SHHM'16 and conquering the ascent of 10.5km in the 21k route. It takes more than...

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Took me so long to write.. but better late than never !! Every time a thought crossed my mind and I wanted to put it down ... someone's post already mentioned it .. so I gave up .. forget it .. the moments gone.. Satara run is over and now we have to move on.. But the...

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Done and dusted my first outstation Satara 21k Ultra Hill Half Marathon, yes one of the toughest hill run. Last year it had set a bench mark of holding a place in guinness book of world record. For me running in satara Ultra Hill half marathon run was a dream come...

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I have been reading experiences of members from the past. Common experience is that all persons had anxiety before registering for the event, before boarding the bus, before start of run. May be people did not know there own inherent strength or they were carrying...

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