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Runner’s Academy is a professional Marathon training academy with a 360 degree performance enhancing approach. Runner’s Academy ( RA) has been helping the running community of all skill levels and ages.

They understand that each person has a different fitness level and custom designs training programs to suit each individuals needs fitness levels.


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Autism Run Short Film

Few glimpses of the first Autism Awareness Run held in Borivali, Chickowadi by Runners Academy (RA) and Forum for Autism. (FFA)

Training Programs

Runner Academy is coming out with running Program of 4 days a week. Affordable training program to help runners complete the half and full marathon distances in a fun, social, non-competitive atmosphere. We want to motivate and encourage runners to complete the training and get to the starting line injury-free. Group runs help participants stay accountable to their program.

Our Training Programs

  • Basic Course: 5Km
  • Fundamental Course: 10Km
  • Advance Course: 21Km (Half Marathon)
  • Ultimate Course: 42Km (Full Marathon)
  • Ultra Course: 50Km & above
  • Super Ultra Course: 12 hours running
  • Trail Walker training: 50/100 kms


Mandeep Virdi

“It’s privilege to be part of Runners Academy (RA), as you have esteemed team of well trained coaches who ensure that you are trained to the best..”

Anita Jain

“Fantastic Runtastic experience with Runners Academy…each one here is a part of a big family trying to help support and get the best of every trainee…raring to join back”

Bharati Punjabi

“Very encouraging coaches , best team for Recreational Runners , thank u for making me a part of you all and Runners Academy”

Sopan Upadhyay

“Awesome people…. excellent community for runners and fitness freaks.”


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